Divorce Law

Going through a divorce? To save money and to connect with a helpful lawyer, complete the free Love Law Divorce Consultation™.

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Property Law

Separated? List your assets & liabilities at your own pace with no obligation by completing the free Love Law Property Consultation™.

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Pre Nuptial Law

Getting married? Protect your assets and your new marriage against unforeseen changes and save money in the process with the free Love Law Prenuptial Consultation™.

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Child Custody Law

Are you a parent? Protect your loved ones and your parental rights with the free Love Law Parenting Consultation™. You can connect with a helpful lawyer and reduce legal fees.

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De Facto Law

Living with your partner? Learn how Australian family law may affect you, connect with a helpful lawyer for free and reduce legal fees with the Love Law De Facto Consultation™.

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Same Sex Marriage Law

Do you want to protect your rights? Australian family law applies equally to same sex couples so complete the free Love Law Same Sex Relationships Consultation™ to protect your rights and your relationship.

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Grandparents Law

Are you a grandparent or a great-grandparent? You have rights under Australian family law too. Find out more for free by completing the Love Law Grandparents Consultation™.

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We find a trusted family lawyer for you and Reduce the price of your legal advice

Love Law is a secure online service that helps you tell your legal story and save money in the process. Our Australian legal consultations and questionnaires are designed to automatically brief a trusted lawyer for you, so he or she spends less time interviewing you. With lawyers, time is money, so if your lawyer can begin advising you sooner, you will save money.

Family law is the law of love.

New love may require legal support in the form of binding financial agreements, fading love may lead to divorce and the eternal love of parents for children may call for legal assistance.

Love Law is therefore family law and our premium online service strives to streamline your experience.

Our secure system is designed and managed by Australian Legal Practitioners to ensure the sensitive information you share is protected and relevant to your legal challenge. Most importantly, Love Law is a service focusing exclusively on Australian family law so you know you have come to the right place.

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The Emotional Cost Of Divorce

Divorce rates as the second most stressful single event that a person can experience. Phillip Armstrong, CEO of the Australian Counselling Association shares his thoughts on this with Love Law...

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